Financial Institution

Member Registration

Financial Institution

e.g. commercial banks, insurance companies, securities brokers and asset management companies

Member Type

  • Ordinary member

Annual Fee

  • Contact us

Required Documents

  • Membership application form with authorized person’s signature
  • Certified copy of company affidavit
  • Letter of power of attorney (To authorize representative)
  • Certified copy of authorized person’s ID card and representative’s ID card
  • Proof of membership fee payment (Transfer slip)


  1. Has voting right and elected to be directors
  2. Invitation to Annual General Meeting
  3. Invitation to events and forums about fintech industry that the association opens for members for free or with special discount (member price)
  4. Invitation to Thai Fintech Forum, a panel discussion about fintech issues held each quarter
  5. Access to F13, Fintech Hub of Thailand
  6. Subscription to Thai Fintech Insights Report


  1. Fill your information in our membership application form.
  2. Submit your application and receive confirmation email.
  3. After your membership application is approved, you will receive payment information.
  4. Pay annual membership fee and prepare required documents.
  5. Send your documents to
  6. When your documents are approved, you will receive membership acknowledgement.

By registering, you agree to our Terms and Conditions.