Fintech Dynamics in Asia

2 August 2017

TCC Technology initiated the first ‘Fintech Dynamics in Asia’ with Thai Fintech Association and IDC Financial Insights.

July 18, 2017 Dream office of C asean, Bangkok – TCC Technology initiated its interactive forum with Thai Fintech Association entitled ‘Fintech Dynamics in Asia’, led by the collaborations amongst 3 key partnerships including TCC Technology, Thai Fintech Association and IDC Financial Insights Asia/Pacific.

Started with the key partner by Thai Fintech Association, participants were welcomed by Mr. Akaradej Disayadej – the Managing Director of Thai Fintech Association. “In my daily life, most financial transaction were proceeded via online and that I foresee there are a lot of gaps that possibly turn to Fintech opportunity. We need action plan and collaborations from FSIs as well as our regulators to push Thai Fintech to execute and exist in the market. And of course, Thai Fintech Association is now performing our roles to make it possible.” He insisted.

Thai Fintech Association is now established in past few years with heavy supports from Fintech, regulators, and FSIs in Thailand. It serves as a community with a mission to drive financial technology industry.

Ms. Waleeporn Sayasit- the Corporate Communications Director of TCC Technology keynoted to finance and technology professionals onto the key objectives in respects of providing Fintech updates in Asia that reflects readiness of technology for Fintech nationwide.

“The power of digital transformation has improved our lifestyles and even in financial transaction. TCC Technology, as a leading cloud-enabled data center in the country, foresee the effects of business in being disrupted. In this case, even enterprises need to be ready to adapt itself to new era of customer centric and agility. This is the way to survive in business world and develop for the sustainability.”

This represented a significant drive to make Fintech successful. TCC Technology is now exploring the opportunity to support Fintech with innovative business model to drive Thailand economy. The company also architected working teams with its core knowledge and capability in respects of technology infrastructure serving future scalability of national Fintech projects.

Photo from right to left : Akaradej Disayadej the Managing Director of Thai Fintech Association., Worapon Pornvanitthe CEO and Founder of PeerPower, Totrakool Khongsap,Ph.D.- the Deputy Managing Director of Thai Beverage Logistics, Waleeporn Sayasit, the Corporate Communications Director of TCC Technology, Michael Aranetathe Associate Vice President of IDC Financial Insights, and Nares Laopannarai the COO of Stockquardrant.


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